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  • Jim Dandeneau Headshot

    Jim Dandeneau – CEO & Owner

    Jim founded Putnam Plastics in 1984 and serves as President and CEO. Under Jim’s guidance, Putnam Plastics has established itself as the leading source for complex extrusions and co-extrusions for the medical device industry.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559

    Email: jdandeneau at putnamplastics.com

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  • Hank Hague Headshot

    Hank Hague – CFO

    Hank has held several manufacturing and corporate finance roles at the Gillette Company, Medtronic, Stanley Works, and Pitney Bowes. He served as CFO for Ibis Consulting an early stage Electronic Discovery firm. Most recently he held the position of CFO for a private equity backed industrial metals manufacturer.

    Phone: (860) 928-4102

    Email: hhague at putnamplastics.com

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  • Lisa Vickers Headshot

    Lisa Vickers – Director of Sales & Marketing

    Lisa has worked serving the medical device and diagnostics industry for almost 2 decades, for such notable top tier companies as Millipore Corporation, Schleicher and Schuell Biosciences and Teleflex Medical where her roles included Technical Support, Sales, Marketing and Product Management.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x123

    Email: lvickers at putnamplastics.com

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  • Lisa Vickers Headshot

    Charles McClure – Director of Operations

    Chuck has held operational management roles primarily in automotive and industrial manufacturing for several years. He has served as Manufacturing Manager, Plant Manager, and a more recently, a Division Lean/Six Sigma Manager for NN Inc. Precision Metal/ Plastic and Rubber Division.  

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x163

    Email: cmcclure at putnamplastics.com

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  • Lisa Vickers Headshot

    William Appling – Director of Engineering

    Bill has served the medical device industry in R&D management positions for over 25 years with companies such as Delcath Systems, and AngioDynamics.  Always focused on innovation and working closely with physicians, Bill received over 40 patents, and developed and commercialized many new products for the Interventional Radiology and Oncology marketplace. Prior technical positions include NAMIC, American Edwards Laboratories, and Sheridan Catheter. Bill also founded and operated Protube Extrusion which produced tubing for the Medical Device industry. 

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x210

    Email: bappling at putnamplastics.com

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  • Jim Dandeneau Headshot

    Ray Rilling – Director of Technology

    Ray has over 20 years of experience in the development of new and innovative devices and technologies in the medical device industry. Prior to Putnam Plastics he spent many years at Lake Region Medical (Accellent) and Medtronic Vascular. He attended Sonoma State University.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x209

    Email: rrilling at putnamplastics.com

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  • Jim Dandeneau Headshot

    Stephen Vogel – Director of Information Technology

    Stephen has been working in the computer and telecommunications field for over 20 years.  During this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as a network Architect, Information Systems/Telecom Manager, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultant, VMware Virtualization Architect, and IT Director for two other companies.  Stephen holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x188

    Email: svogel at putnamplastics.com

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  • Jim Dandeneau Headshot

    John Moreau – Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

    John has held several Quality Management and engineering positions with companies such as: Nypro, Quantum and Nanmac Corporation. Most recently he held the position of Quality Manager at NP Medical which specializes in medical devices that address the large-scale needs of the infusion therapy and vascular access markets.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x126

    Email: jmoreau at putnamplastics.com

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  • Jim Dandeneau Headshot

    Ken Long – PHR, Training & Human Resources Manager

    Ken has held several Operations Management roles at Frito-Lay Inc..  He also has Customer Service Management experience from Commerce Insurance, and Foster Corporation.  He transitioned into Human Resource Management at Foster Corporation four and a half years ago.  Most recently, Ken earned his Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the HR Certification Institute.

    Phone: (860) 774-1559 x162

    Email: klong at putnamplastics.com

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