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Flickr photos from the album Gallery by Putnam Plastics

Dilator & Sheath ExtrusionsFlickr Coil Reinforced TubingFlickr Intermittent ExtrusionFlickr Wire CoatingFlickr Putnam Plastics HeadquartersFlickr Braided TubingFlickr Coil Reinforced Tubing with PrintFlickr Putnam Plastics SignFlickr Extrusions with Longitudinal Wire ReinforcementFlickr Braided Polyimide TubingFlickr Coil Reinforced Tubing with Soft TipFlickr Putnam Plastics Development LabFlickr Longitudinal Wire Reinforced TubeFlickr Braid Reinforced TubeFlickr Putnam Plastics LobbyFlickr Braided TubingFlickr MonofilamentFlickr Tubing with Coil ReinforcementFlickr Laser Bonding MachineFlickr Bioresorbable Polymer ExtrusionFlickr Polymer Marker BandsFlickr Coextruded TubingFlickr Braided Tube with Soft TipFlickr Catheter Marker BandsFlickr Catheter Tipping TechnologiesFlickr Multilumen TubingFlickr Laser Cut PEEK TubesFlickr Polyimide TubeFlickr Braid Reinforced Tube with Intermittent ExtrusionFlickr Catheter ShaftsFlickr Precision Tipped and Machined TubingFlickr Multilumen TubesFlickr Intermittent Extrusion TransitionFlickr TIE TechnologyFlickr Variable Durometer TubingFlickr Reinforced Catheter ShaftFlickr Stainless Steel Braided TubesFlickr Wide Range of Lumen ConfigurationsFlickr 360 Degree Printed Catheter ShaftFlickr Wide Selection of Thermoplastic ExtrusionsFlickr Custom Catheter PrintingFlickr Single Lumen ExtrusionsFlickr Wide Range of Extruded DiametersFlickr ExtrusionsFlickr Tapered and Bump TubingFlickr Translucent Polymer TubingFlickr Coextruded Single and Multilumen TubingFlickr Clear TubingFlickr Single Lumen Extruded TubingFlickr Variable Coil Reinforced TubingFlickr Trilayer Extruded TubingFlickr Extruded Tubing with Tip and HolesFlickr Tapered TubingFlickr Printed Catheter TubingFlickr Wide Range of Coil Reinforcement Variations for TubingFlickr Strain Relief TubingFlickr Braid Reinforced Polyimide with Soft TipFlickr Printed Medical TubingFlickr Printed Numbers on Polymer TubeFlickr Large Diameter Tube with PrintingFlickr TIE Technology with PrintingFlickr Total Intermittent Extrusion TechnologyFlickr Overmolded Hubs and LeursFlickr Clear Tubing with Print and HolesFlickr Precision Hole DrillingFlickr Insert Molded Catheter HubsFlickr PEEK ExtrusionFlickr Polyimide LinerFlickr Medical PEEK TubingFlickr Range of Polyimide Tubing SizesFlickr Three Layer ExtrusionFlickr Catheter Channel LinerFlickr 360 Degree Hole DrillingFlickr