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Our Mission: Enabling Polymer Technologies to Improve the Quality of Life

Putnam Plastics Corporation has been a leader in medical tubing for over three decades with a focus on small diameters used for life saving vascular catheters and minimally invasive medical devices.  We offer the widest range of tubing technologies in the industry, and frequently combine these to create components at the forefront of today’s most sophisticated medical devices. Our range of equipment allows us to process traditional thermoplastics and elastomers, as well as high performance materials such as PEEK and fluoropolymers.

Configurations include single lumen, solid profile and monofilament,  multi-lumen, multiple materials in layers or stripes, tapers and bumps, variable durometer materials along the length, wire and fiber reinforcements, and wire jacketing.  We also offer a wide range of thermoset polyimide tubing.

Our comprehensive fabrication capabilities include precision cutting of tubes to length, CNC grinding and lathe turning, thermal forming of tips and flares, over molding of connectors such as luers or hubs, precision drilling of holes, pad printing on tubes over a meter in length and 360 degrees around the circumference.  In-house plasma treatment technologies allow for excellent ink adhesion on challenging polymers such as: polyethylene, PEEK, and thermoset polyimide.

Our broad range of technologies allows us to create truly innovative solutions for advanced devices.  Such innovations are supported by comprehensive services from prototype development, through process validation, and into full scale volume production.

Putnam Plastics Corporation has been a technology leader in the field of critical medical device components for nearly four decades because of our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing team, our ability to leverage a range of distinct process technologies to create innovative products with unique performance characteristics, and our focus on customer solutions from development through manufacturing.

Putnam Plastics Corporation

Why Choose Putnam?

  • 38+ years experience across 36 countries
  • Innovative design and research expertise
  • In-house ISO certified production facilities
  • Single source integrated solution