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Taper-TIE™ variable durometer tubing technology

What is variable diameter tubing technology?

Putnam’s Taper-TIE™ proprietary technology is a continuous manufacturing method that produces a catheter shaft with variable dimensions and durometers along the length of a shaft. This process eliminates the need for manual assembly of discrete segments.  

Putnam’s proprietary extrusion process can quickly change from rigid to soft grades for a designated polymer along the shaft length, while simultaneously reducing the diameter of the shaft. The result is a highly flexible distal end and more rigid proximal end in a single or multi-lumen extruded tube.

What are the advantages of Putnam’s Taper-TIE™ variable durometer tubing technology?

  • TIE™ technology eliminates the need to assemble multiple sections with the costly heat shrink process. 
  • Because the TIE™ process is continuous, cycle times can be improved, while scrap rates are reduced.
  • The TIE™ material transitioning profile eliminates abrupt changes in the shaft which can traditionally create a kink point.

What medical devices, body parts or procedures is Taper TIE™ variable tubing technology commonly used in?

Taper TIE™ tubing can be used in a variety of neurological and cardiovascular catheters. Contact one of our sales representatives to find out how our expertise can enhance your product line.

What ISO certifications does Putnam Plastics have?

Putnam’s state-of-the-art custom tubing manufacturing facility is ISO 13485:2016 certified. Our dedicated clean room space is also ISO compliant. 

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management Certified Company

Why is Putnam the best choice for Variable Diameter Tubing? 

Traditionally, medical device manufacturers create a soft, flexible distal end and a rigid and steerable proximal end by manually assembling and bonding segments along the length. However, this approach is labor intensive increasing costs and quality considerations. Putnam’s Taper-TIE™ proprietary technology combines precision custom manufacturing with optimal medical device functionality.

Talk with one of our engineers or sales representative to discover for yourself why our partners around the world have been consulting us for decades.

Why Choose Putnam?

  • 40+ years experience across 36 countries
  • Innovative design and research expertise
  • In-house ISO certified production facilities
  • Single source integrated solution