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Bioresorbable Polymer Tubing

Bioresorbable Polymer Tubing

What are bioresorbable polymers?

Bioresorbable polymers are a class of materials frequently used for temporary implant applications. These materials degrade over time through hydrolysis. The products from hydrolysis, lactic acid and glycolic acid, are each further broken down and eliminated through normal metabolism of the human body. 

Why would you choose bioresorbable plastics? 

Bioresorbable polymers have benefits to certain medical applications. The polymers can be adjusted to degrade at a specified rate, useful in cases where the body needs temporary support while it heals tissues. Children can outgrow medical devices, thus requiring an additional surgery to remove them, but a bioresorbable will breakdown and be safely absorbed by the body.  

What are bioresorbable polymers generally made of?

The common forms of bioresorbable polymers used are 

  • polylactide (PLA), 
  • poly-L-lactide (PLLA), 
  • poly-DL-lactide (PDLLA), 
  • polyglycolide (PGA) and 
  • copolymers of PLA and PGA (PGLA). 

In general, amorphous polymers such as PDLLA and PGLA degrade more quickly than semi-crystalline polymers such as PLLA and PGA. Hydrophilic polymers, such as PGA, also tend to degrade faster than do hydrophobic polymers like PLA.

What other services or options are offered with bioresorbable tubing? 

Bioresorbable materials can be incorporated into a variety of Putnam extrusion technologies. It could potentially be used in a single lumen tube or as an inner layer, outer layer, or lumen liner in a more complex structure.

What medical devices are bioresorbable plastics commonly used in? 

  • Delivery system for timed release of medication
  • Pediatric medical devices

What ISO certification does Putnam Plastics have? 

Our state-of-the-art medical manufacturing facility is ISO 13485:2016 certified. Putnam’s skilled staff can produce prototypes through to full production in our dedicated clean manufacturing space within our 37,000 square foot (3431.4 square meters) facility. 

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management Certified Company

Why is Putnam the best choice for bioresorbable polymer tubing? 

Putnam’s in-house design and manufacturing facility provides rapid order turnaround. We can help you control costs and get optimal results by leveraging our decades of experience as a pioneer in plastics tubing science.

As a technology leader, Putnam offers skilled engineering and expert manufacturing of precision medical tubing, worldwide. To discuss your medical device requirements with a Putnam engineer or sales representative, contact us today.

Why Choose Putnam?

  • 40+ years experience across 36 countries
  • Innovative design and research expertise
  • In-house ISO certified production facilities
  • Single source integrated solution