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Multi-lumen Tubing

Double and Multi-Lumen Tubes

What are double and multi-lumen tubes? 

As the name suggests, multi-lumen catheters can have two or more lumens of varying sizes and shapes. Putnam’s double and multi-lumen tubing can be customized for a number of medical device applications.  

What options should you keep in mind when procuring dual and multi-lumen catheters?

Dual lumen tube
We can create catheters with two or more lumens of similar or varying sizes and shapes.  A common dual or double lumen configuration, sometimes referred to as a double-D, may be used for peripherally inserted central catheters (or PICC lines). PICC lines may also have three lumens with a cross-sectional view that resembles a peace sign. Two and three lumen configurations in which the lumens are dissimilar in size and shape are frequently used for percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) catheters.

Complex multi-lumen tube
A range of other medical applications, such as drug atomizing devices, can require tubing with more than a dozen lumens. Putnam can help. We have the cutting-edge technology required to produce extremely high-quality catheters and tubing in precise configurations, and can make complex multi-lumen tubes to meet the requirements of everyday or very complex devices. Throughout our range, a choice of materials and finishings are available for dual and multi-lumen tube and finished catheters.

Multi-lumen lined tubing
Multi-lumen lined tubing has a second material incorporated into one or more linings of the lumen, or it could be the outer layer of the tube. These parts combine in our co-extrusion and multi-lumen capabilities. Since Putnam Plastics processes so many materials—in so many configurations—the options are endless.  

Why would you choose this catheter type over others for a medical device or procedure? 

In many medical procedures, more than one activity takes place through the same device. Multi-lumen tubes allow for flushing and aspiration, heating and cooling, the flow of liquid and the passage of air, and the infusion of drugs while monitoring flow rates. Multi-lumen catheters have limitless potential.

Simple catheters, such as those used for drainage, may require only one lumen. Other applications, such as drug atomizing devices, require tubing with more than a dozen lumens.

What materials is a multi-lumen tube typically comprised of?

As a premier medical tubing manufacturer, we have a wide range of materials and options available to create your custom multi-lumen catheter. Since the material selection for any catheter is based on the requirements of the device, no one material is universally ideal for all applications.

Instead Putnam offers a complete line of medical grade thermoplastic materials and helpful experts are available to assist in choosing the best material for your medical device—for optimal results. 

What ISO certifications is Putnam Plastics equipped to comply with?

Our newest manufacturing facility is ISO 13485:2016 certified. 

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management Certified Company

Why is Putnam the best choice for this product?

Putnam provides design consultation for all new multi-lumen projects. Our complete in-house tolling capabilities and dedicated R&D department allow for quick turnarounds—when multiple iterations are required—to help grow your ROI.

With over 38 years in the business, Putnam Plastics has produced almost every multi-lumen design imaginable, including complex and challenging constructions that other firms couldn’t do.

Why Choose Putnam?

  • 40+ years experience across 36 countries
  • Innovative design and research expertise
  • In-house ISO certified production facilities
  • Single source integrated solution